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When people think of going on vacations, often the ideas that pop into their heads is, warm crystal blue water, sandy beaches, tropical sights and smells… and great exotic food and beverages.  We live that life daily…

Island in a Bottle operates currently as a management, marketing, sales and distribution  firm for spirits and beverage brands.

Lead by serial entrepreneur and true Jamaican with over 10 jobs… Island in a Bottle’s CEO and head bottle washer,  Patrick “Quashi” Mitchell, has literally held roles in virtually every aspect of the beverage business. Patrick also holds an MBA from Florida’s #1 Top Business school – Florida Atlantic University and has certificates in Finance, Financial planning and equity research.  He spent 10 years prior working as a small and mid cap sr. analyst for wall street firms and now enjoys not wearing a suit, and listening to reggae music loud in his office every day.

Since the start of Island in a Bottle, the company has focused its efforts by teaming up with the Platinum Award Winning Rude Bwoy Spirits Brand, offering services that help to grow the brand from startup to beyond. And its been a tropical blast since day one!


Rude Bwoy Spirits currently has four products on offer – Ultra Premium Coconut Rum, Ultra Premium Irie Gold and Irie White Rums and a gluten free, all natural Ultra Premium Sugar Cane Vodka.  We encourage you to #tastetheexperience of #theSpiritoftheCaribbean


We manage, support and help distribute top quality brands

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Island in a Bottle provides professional sales consulting including: Business Consulting, Menu Consulting, Tasting Event planning, Business Financial Planning, Marketing

Unique Products

Island in a Bottle focuses on unique selections that are different from the tyical offerings. We have a main focus on Island based products, mostly because we love to be in the islands ... jus sayin'. Island in a Bottle currently offers Spirits, Coffee, Sauces, Apparel and more.


Island in a Bottle is a licensed spirits distributor in Florida with the highest license available. . We are licensed to sell and distribute Wine, Spirits, Beer, Non Alcoholic beverages, RTD's, and other food based products

Printing Services

Island in a Bottle is partnered with Rude Bwoy Graphics<br /> Rude Bwoy Graphics is a 30 plus year printing service that can provide everything from:<br /> Banners, Menus, Point of Sale Materials, Signs, T Shirts, Flyers, Coasters... and more.

Our Services

We are here to help your brand grow

Island in a Bottle offers wine and spirits consultants that help our clients develop and activate strategies to address their business specific challenges and emerging trends that result in real sales and returns on investments.


We are deeply connected and have built great networks within the spirits industry, so you can trust that we are the experts you need to market and ultimately sell your products.

Our team stays up on trends not just in the spirits industry, but business in general as that spills (no pun intended) into all things spirits. We stay up to date on what is happening in bars and restaurants, hotels and more.


Island in a bottle maintains a full KLD license in the state of Florida which allows us to sell Wine, Spirits, Beer, and more.  If you are looking for an in road to Florida with an actual distribution team that has been there done that… and is actually growing brands, reach out and let us talk further.  Many distributors do not offer sales, require tons of dollars to even get an interest or will flat out shelve (again with the pun thing…. geez) your bottles and brand unless you pay to pay with support dollars beyond belief.  We are not that.

WE ARE ISLAND IN A BOTTLE…  that refreshing feeling you get all wrapped up in a transparent solution that holds it all together for you…  (see what we did there.  told you the marketing is crazy… Always have fun and drink responsibly.

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