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Island in a Bottle is a multi state Licensed Distributor for Wine and Spirits brands.  Based in Palm Beach Florida, we offer marketing support, consulting and sales / distribution services.  We also have a bonded warehouse.  Island in a Bottle is the partner that truly supports your brands growth with tried and true advice and best practices.

Our customer relationship expertise and teamwork ensure that our sales consultants can find a home for your bottles and shelves to display on.

Island in a Bottle has the tools and connections to increase your brand’s presence in the industry through the many relationships we have with independent stores, restaurants, chains, clubs, events, cruise company’s and other businesses. If you’re in the beverage and spirits industries, we have resources that can help you build your brand and find its way in this ever changing market.

Island in a Bottle has partnered and aligned it’s team with a new brand that is making a huge mark on the industry – Rude Bwoy Spirits.

Rude Bwoy Spirits is a family owned Caribbean Rum and Vodka brand that offers it all from great Spirits to clothing and more.  Truly a lifestyle brand and Island in a Bottle is happy to operate as Management and Support for the company.  Island in a Bottle also operates as Brokers to other Distributors on behalf of Rude Bwoy Spirits to help get the brand on more shelves and into new markets.  Basically we help handle the day to day running’s of the Rude Bwoy Brand and are happy to be a licensed whole-seller of the products also.

Rude Bwoy Spirits currently has four products on offer – Ultra Premium Coconut Rum, Ultra Premium Irie Gold and Irie White Rums and a gluten free, all natural Ultra Premium Sugar Cane Vodka.  We encourage you to #tastetheexperience of #theSpiritoftheCaribbean

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Rude Bwoy Spirits

The Spirit of the Caribbean

Island in a bottle has made it super easy to order and I alwasy get my cases right away. Super nice team and their events are always a hit!

Sighn Patel Liquor Store Owner

Patrick and his team are a dream to work with. They have supported my events and helped us grow our foundation

Vicente Frost Hospitality - CEO

I have worked with Island in a Bottle for 4 years and it has been a pleasure. The team works hard to get what you need fast and if there is an issue they jump on it. They are building brands and these companies are starting to gain steam. I can only imagn where Island in a Bottle will be in the near future. Get on board with them and definatly try the rums... insane!

Amanda Smith Bar Manager

Island in a Bottle

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