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Patrick Mitchell
Head Bottle Washer

Patrick Mitchell leads the team at Island in a Bottle and has served as lead generator for Rude Bwoy Spirits in its sales, distribution, marketing and branding departments

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Patrick Mitchell
Marketing Mastermind

When it comes to getting your brands out there... finding the cool ways to display your products, and coming up with fun yet sales productive ideas... he is your man.

Quashi Mitchell
Delivery Driver

Ok.. who is driving to go get the products, who is going to stack the cases on to pallets and on to trucks... well.. yep... its me again. Get 'er done...

Patrick ``Quashi``

Yep... I think you get the picture now... Need to hire some serious workers to come help grow the brands... jus sayin'

Dawn Gonsalves
Rude Bwoy Owner / Designer

This is the lady behind the Rude Bwoy brand, the look the feel, the vibe, all the graphics, you name it... she has influenced it all. As a long time visual artists she also paints, is a mother, runs Rude Bwoy Graphix for over 30 years.... What cant she do???

Leo Gonsalves
The Official Rude Bwoy

The other half of the Rude Bwoy whole! Leo is the mastermind behind Rude Bwoy Spirits. Coming up with flavor profiles, in charge of inventory and all the business ends... you want Rude Bwoy... keep him happy! Gwan thru Leo!

Senior Influencer

The one who keeps it all going. The one who inspires and keeps the team up when things are going down... The one person that the team respects fully and honors. We would be NOTHING withtout her. And no she doesnt drink... but she still supports us!

Haile Selassie
Earths Rightful Ruler

Ras Tafari Makonnen - given the name Haile Selassie at his coronation in 1930. King of Kings in which I n I look to for faith, wisdom and livity. Live good. Selah.

Anthony Luciano
Puerto Rico Sales Manager

Anthony Luciano runs the show in PR. Alongside his team at Master From The Sea, Anthony is the guy to call for Rude Bwoy orders in Puerto Rico. Master From The Sea is a surf product distribution company and he has trucks on the road all over the Island. Call him for orders in PR

Joel Caraballo Esq.
Legal Counsel / Sales

Our legal counsel in Puerto Rico - While Joel works daily as a lawyer, he also works alongside Anthony Luciano as Partner to Master From The Sea Distribution and Tours. He too can be called for Rude Bwoy Spirits orders or for orders of Island in a Bottle.

Ray Granja
Brand Ambassador - Miami, FL

Ray is also a big cigar aficionado... A true artisan who loves a good rum and a good cigar. He has his own brand of cigars and can be seen promoting Rude Bwoy spirits all over Miami.