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Patrick Mitchell

Head 'Honcho' - Island in a Bottle

Patrick gets his nickname 'Quashi' from his early business making surfboards and for his involvement in the reggae music industry from an early age. Patrick started out making surfboards and ended up traveling the world in pursuit of ever lasting tropical feelings, sun, surf and vibes. He carried with him the music of his upbringing and now also works with two reggae labels and runs his own reggae recording studio.

His senior year in high school, young Quashi left all he knew and went to live in Hawaii to surf and chase his dreams. From there it was off to live and teach in Costa Rica until his loving parents said ``come home, or you are on your own buddy!`` After college and getting his BS degree in Bio Health Sciences, he spent 8 years running a clinic in San Diego. After making more money making surfboards than he did at his day job, he quit and his entrepreneurial spirit was fully engaged.

From there, Patrick went on to earn an Executive MBA (International Business with a added specialty in Finance) at the Florida Atlantic University’s Executive MBA School of Business. Patrick also has completed coursework and gained his certificate to sit for the Certified Financial Planner designation. After another 10 years of working for banks such as Morgan Stanley, and Insurance firm Northwestern Mutual, and working as a Sr. Analyst, its clear that his past work history has given him the background to know various aspects of business and his passion for Caribbean culture tops it all off.

Quashi International


Patrick started his first business at the

age of 16, making surfboards in his

parents garage and glassing them out

on the front lawn. He turned Quashi into a

global surf and clothing brand with surfers

from 12 countries riding his boards on his team.

Patrick focused most of his early days

helping to support & build the now famous Jamaican surfing empire.

Big Bus Studios


Many know him due to his nickname

that came from his prior business…

Quashi – and as a musician he is also

known by that name.  Playing bass as an

endorsed bass player for 35 plus years now,

Quashi now runs a Reggae Recording Studio and label in Florida.

And he is also the business manager for the legendary Zion High Productions label.

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