Comfort Castle Coffee

Comfort Castle Coffee

From the Mitchell Estate

Authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffe

Family Owned and Operated

Comfort Castle Coffee – Coming Soon

They say the coffee from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica are the best in the world… Who is THEY?   Those who know…!

Grown above 3000 feet elevation in the misty mountains region of the Blue Mountsin of Jamaica, West Indies.  This premier coffee is truly special.  Grown on our farm that whas been in our family for centuries.  This is a grade a Number 1 exported coffee

Grown almost at the last stop of the Blue Mountains, Jamaica West Indies… is a mysterious place where the mist sits for days, the waterfalls continually flow with fresh water and the Maroons used to hide and protect the land. This is Comfort Castle Jamaica.

Previously known as Altamont – The Mitchell Estate has been in these hills for nearly two centuries. The coffee grown here is of a special nature and soon… very soon… you will be able to get some for yourself. Brought to you by Island in a Bottle. Soon Come